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Pritish Vaidya

Building a Flip Timer in React Native


Challenges to overcome Implement transform-origin property using your College Math Course matrices techniques since it is not supported in React Native. Rotation around the centered origin (by default) is easy, but we need to translate origin and rotate around the edges. Implementation of Flip Number component. Overcome overflow: hidden issue in android since it doesn’t work with absolute positioned elements. Contents 1 Implement Flip Number Component 2 Implement FoldView Basic Layout Overcoming the Challenge Adding the Transformations Adding the Animations 3 Update Timer Component…

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A simple and more accurate estimation of Read Time for Medium articles in JavaScript


Introduction As explained in the New Yorker The more we know about something — including precisely how much time it will consume — the greater the chance we will commit to it. Knowing in advance how long an article helps with better time management by allowing us to plan further ahead. Why should I use a new script? Yes, there are many open source libraries available on npm * *but they contain several flaws. Before that, let's take a look at these two articles on Medium. Read Time — Medium Support Read Time and You The above two articles have the following key features Average Read Time…

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